Three young talents sign their first contract

Sullyan Amisso (18 years old), Tristan Degreef (16 years old) and Aurelio Leo Virisario (15 years old): supporters of RSC Anderlecht should write those names down. The three young talents signed their first professional contract at the club.

Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht continues to invest in young players from its own academy. Back in May, the talented players Julien Duranville, Ethan Butera and Nassim Azaouzi from the RSCA Belfius! Academy already signed their first contract at the club. Three new prospects did the same this week.

Meet Sullyan Amisso (18), who has been playing for RSC Anderlecht since he was nine. Sully is a right back with an attacking attitude and a fantastic mentality. He will have to prove himself this season in the U21 squad as the next challenge in his promising career.

And then there’s Tristan Degreef (16), a versatile attacking midfielder also Made in Neerpede and playing for Sporting since the U9. He is technically savvy, graceful on the ball, and knows how to shoot at the goal.

Aurelio Leo Virisario (15) arrived at Neerpede in 2019. He managed to manifest himself as a fast, explosive but gracious attacker. Aurelio still has steps to take in the coming seasons, but combined with his excellent work ethic and dynamism, the future undoubtedly holds a lot for him.

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